Innovative design of modern training centers for the commercially or professionally operated sports sector

Reactive agility, perception, reaction, concentration …

Whether football, handball, basketball or rugby, our measurement and training systems are an integral part of modern performance and rehabilitation centers around the globe, regardless of the type of sport, age, performance level or gender. The experience of the past 10 years has shown that the networking of all systems, coordinated with other training equipment and methodical concepts, leads to an increase in cognitive and motor performance and efficient work for the entire trainer team.

Our SpeedLab is characterized by individuality! The optimal coordination of the distinctive training areas is designed from a conceptual and training-scientific point of view and takes place in mutual exchange with all decision-makers. Our sports scientists and sports engineers accompany the development process from the beginning and stand by your side.


  • planning of modern sports facilities (spatial & electrical planning, etc.)

  • creation of high quality 2D / 3D animations

  • implementation of complementary technologies and devices

  • creation and control of data technology

  • laying a wide variety of floor coverings as required

  • elaboration and training of long-term methodological concepts

  • support with business concepts in the commercial sector


Our innovative measurement and training systems guarantee holistic training and testing thanks to the latest technology and years of development. Every single speed system makes your SpeedLab a unique training facility.

  • Double SpeedCourt with green artificial turf surface, white sensor fields in the COPA Soccer Training Center, Shadesland Sportsmall, Walnut Creek, California, USA.


SpeedCourt is a patented, multifunctional measurement and training system that trains and improves cognitive and motor processes equally in various exercise forms. Due to the software SpeedPro, developed in-house over many years, a very wide range of applications for various areas of sports, rehabilitation, science, media and events is created.

  • SpeedTrack system with blue artificial turf in the Hertha BSC athletics center


SpeedTrack is a multifunctional laser sensor measurement and training system for cyclic and acyclic speed forms. Thanks to double lasers and proven tactile sensor technology at the start, safe triggering and error-free measurement are guaranteed.

  • SpeedBouncer system with yellow sensors embedded in the perimeter system in the SPORTWERK Ochtrup


The SpeedBouncer takes your cognitive and motor speed training to a whole new level. Including the game device, various soccer-specific exercises can be solved interactively in single-player or multiplayer mode.

  • SpeedBox-system integrated into the parquet floor of the COPA Soccer Training Center, Shadesland Sportsmall, Walnut Creek, California, USA.


SpeedBox is the technical implementation of the test and training classics Beep-Test and YoYo Intermittent Recovery Test. Due to our proven contact sensors and the SpeedPro software, which has been developed over many years, speed endurance tests can be carried out precisely and without measurement errors.


Our partners

Together with our globally active partners, we turn your SpeedLab into a state-of-the-art training center

  • Athlete is in rehabilitation on the SpeedCourt. The test procedures are supported by biomechanical measuring instruments from Velamed.


Over the years, the cooperation with Noraxon / Velamed, an expert in the field of biomechanical measurement technology, has continued to develop. With the help of the GlobalSpeed Syncbox, we have succeeded in creating a unique interface to their biomechanical measuring systems and thus significantly expanding the range of applications of our own systems. The joint development results in a fully integrated concept with automatic reporting in real time and thus guarantees training under biomechanical analysis at the highest level.


  • objectification of movement quality

  • real-time biofeedback

  • analysis of joint load

  • analysis of impact forces

  • analysis of leg axis

  • analysis of muscle activity

Velamed icon 3D force plate myoFORCE

3D force plate

Velamed icon 3D motion analysis myoMOTION

3D motion analysis

Velamed icon 2D video analysis myoVIDEO

2D video analysis

Velamed icon EMG analysis myoMUSCLE

EMG analysis

  • Video analysis of the running technique of an athlete

The Running School®

The Running School® has been working worldwide for 30 years under the direction of Mike Antoniades with athletes and professional clubs from different sports. GlobalSpeed and The Running School® have been partners for 10 years. The concept of GlobalSpeed Running School develops your individual, healthy and efficient running technique, both for game sports and for cross-sport sprinting and running.
First we teach how to run – then we teach how to run fast!

  • Versatile PerformanceArea with high-quality Life Fitness equipment such as the SPARC ergometer (Strength Power Accelerated Resistance Cardio) and a large functional fitness area
  • Synergy360XL-System by Life Fitness, for a holistic and versatile individual and group training

Life Fitness

For the holistic development of motor performance factors, an individually equipped performance area is enormously important in the overall concept of the SpeedLab. Therefore, we support our partners in the selection of the appropriate training equipment with our network of recognized manufacturers from the sports industry.

iPad - Dashboard - interface of the integrative GlobalSpeed SpeedPro software for organizing, controlling and evaluating test and training programs with SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack, among others.
MacBook - Evaluation - Interface of the integrative GlobalSpeed SpeedPro software for organization, control and evaluation of test and training programs with SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack among others.
iPad - Dashboard - interface of the integrative GlobalSpeed SpeedPro software for organizing, controlling and evaluating test and training programs with SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack, among others.
MacBook - Evaluation - Interface of the integrative GlobalSpeed SpeedPro software for organization, control and evaluation of test and training programs with SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack among others.

SpeedPro 2.0

SpeedPro 2.0 is a highly developed software to create a unique variety of sport and movement diagnostics in the form of various training programs. The modular software enables both firmly defined and random-based training protocols.

The different exercise packages address valuable cognitive and motor performance factors such as agility, coordination, cognition, both for training and rehabilitation. SpeedPro 2.0 provides direct results feedback and an anonymous ranking system for motivation-enhancing training.



SpeedPro 2.0 offers the possibility to train with up to 6 athletes simultaneously as a team or in a duel on the SpeedCourt.

Central training control

SpeedPro 2.0 increases the efficiency of your training. Thanks to central control, the coach can supervise all connected GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems. The coaches are free to define the training content in advance or to actively adjust it during the training.


All data collected by our measurement and training systems are compiled in our in-house programmed software SpeedPro 2.0. The automatic, centralized collection of all performance data creates a holistic performance profile of each athlete.


With the integrated RFID system, a fast and automated registration of the athletes is possible. Each athlete is assigned a correspondingly coded RFID wristband with which the system can be started independently by the trainee. Our RFID unit can be easily linked to already existing systems of the customer.


The evaluation tool allows the creation of exercise and athlete-specific development charts in long-term and short-term analysis. It represents an useful mean for the identification of strengths and weaknesses (team comparisons, individual evaluation, profiles).

Integration VBG test procedures / FMS

On the SpeedCourt, recognized test procedures for rehabilitation and preventive diagnostics such as Y-balance test, single leg jump, side hop, FMS and DMS can easily be carried out.


Bundesliga clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and RB Leipzig already rely on GlobalSpeed’s expertise. We plan and implement modern sports facilities in both the professional and commercial sports sectors around the world.

  • SpeedCourt permanent installation with red artificial turf and white sensor fields in the SpeedLab of the SPORTWERK in Ochtrup


    Ochtrup / Germany


  • Double SpeedCourt with green artificial turf and white sensor fields at the COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek, California, USA

    COPA Soccer Training Center

    Walnut Creek / USA


  • SpeedCourt permanent installation with green artificial turf and white sensor fields in the youth training center of FC Bayern Munich

    FC Bayern Munich

    Munich / Germany

    2016 (Säbener Straße)

    2017 (FCB Campus)

  • Bundesliga player from Bayer 04 Leverkusen during agility training on the SpeedCourt. Other players and coaches can be seen in the background.

    Bayer 04 Leverkusen

    Leverkusen / Germany


  • SpeedTrack fixed installation with blue artificial turf and white sensor fields in the Hertha BSC SpeedLab

    Hertha BSC

    Berlin / Germany


  • SpeedCourt permanent installation with green artificial turf, white sensor fields and touch terminal in the SpeedLab of SV Werder Bremen

    SV Werder Bremen

    Bremen / Germany


  • First SpeedCourt fixed installation with integrated force plate in the Getics athletics and rehabilitation center in Düsseldorf

    Getics – Gesundheit & Athletics

    Dusseldorf / Germany


  • SpeedCourt fixed installation with sports floor in anthracite, blue sensor fields and 2 sprint lanes in the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence in Dubai

    FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

    Dubai / UAE


  • SpeedCourt fixed installation with integrated force plate in the rehathleticum in Berlin


    Berlin / Germany


Frequently asked questions

Is the SpeedCourt available as a portable unit?

All GlobalSpeed speed systems are available as portable units as well as in a permanently installed premium version.

Are there different models of the SpeedCourt?

The SpeedCourt is available as a portable system and as a fixed installation variant in various sizes.

Which target groups can work with SpeedCourt / SpeedLab?

For many years, SpeedCourt and all other GlobalSpeed systems have been established in different areas. From small commercially operated training and rehabilitation facilities to professional clubs such as the German Bundesliga football clubs Bayern Munich and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, our measurement and training systems are used worldwide.

Which parameters can be measured with SpeedCourt and all other GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems?

All GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems work with tactile sensors that measure different parameters in various exercises. These include contact times, reaction times, split times (for linear sprint measurements), total times, anticipation times, distances, tapping frequencies, jump heights (based on flight time), left-right comparisons, etc.

Can VBG jump protocols for the return-to-process be tested and measured on the SpeedCourt?

Various VBG training and test protocols can be carried out with the SpeedCourt. In addition to classics such as counter movement jump and drop jump, side hop and single-leg hop-for-distance tests are implemented in the SpeedPro software.

What technology do all GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems mainly work with?

All GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems are equipped with contact sensors. These tactile sports sensors work on the basis of the highest standards, react within milliseconds even at low forces and are physically linked to the SpeedPro software via cable. Calibration is no longer necessary after the initial installation, and any interference, such as with wireless connections, is also avoided. False triggers and false measurements are practically impossible!

Can the SpeedCourt be combined with force plates?

By adding force plates to SpeedCourt, additional qualitative data can be collected in situations close to the game. This is an added value that is particularly useful in the field of rehabilitation and research.

Can the GlobalSpeed systems be combined with other measuring instruments?

All measurement and training systems deal with the subject of speed in different ways. In order to increase the value of SpeedCourt, SpeedTrack, etc., we work closely with companies from the biomechanical measurement technology sector. Movement and video analysis systems in particular provide valuable additional data, which is useful for rehabilitation.

Are there any license fees for the software?

The SpeedPro software is included in the total package of all speed systems. There are NO ongoing license fees for its functionality.

Which floor covering can be recommended for the different speed systems?

Depending on the application, we recommend either sports flooring or artificial turf for our systems. Special variants with sports parquet or synthetic ice are also installed. Here we pay attention to the highest quality of the materials used.

Is it possible to rent the SpeedCourt?

On request and under given conditions, the SpeedCourt can be rented in a portable version for a period of time to be defined.

Is certification according to §20 in the field of rehabilitation possible?

A certification according to §20 by the General Office Test Centre Prevention (ZPP) is guaranteed.

Are there any studies on the SpeedCourt?

GlobalSpeed has been cooperating with renowned universities worldwide for many years. Together with our nationally and internationally represented partners, numerous studies have already been conducted. If you are interested in existing studies or in conducting new research, please contact us.

What are the delivery times for GlobalSpeed systems?

The delivery times depend strongly on the performance to be obtained and external trades. Depending on the system, a delivery time of 1-6 months can be expected. Under normal circumstances, this period also includes installation time and training day.

Does GlobalSpeed offer own speed training?

We carry out individual test and training sessions in our showroom on request. Furthermore, we refer to our national and international customers.

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