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  • 5 SpeedBox systems in a training hall of the COPA Soccer Training Center

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SpeedBox is the technical implementation of the testing and training classics Beep Test and YoYo Intermittent Recovery Test. With the help of our proven contact sensor technology and the SpeedPro software developed over many years, speed endurance tests can be performed precisely and without measurement errors. All time intervals are signaled both acoustically and visually. The time recording and the termination time are automatically recorded and displayed. In addition to the recording and analysis of speed endurance, other programs such as jump analyses and tapping tests are also integrated in the SpeedBox.



Error-free measurement

With the help of tactile sensor technology, all stages of the Beep Test and YoYo Intermittent Recovery Test are measured without error, signaled acoustically and visually and recorded in the software for further evaluation.

2 young athletes do a jump test on the SpeedCourt. The test is accompanied by Frank Eppelmann, CEO GlobalSpeed Gmbh.

Jump analysis

The SpeedBox can also be used to measure different jump variations. The measurement of the jump height is based on the athlete’s flight time. In addition, the tactile sensor system provides information on contact times and thus on existing differences in the right-left comparison.

Videos of SpeedBox


Bundesliga clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and RB Leipzig already rely on GlobalSpeed’s expertise and have been working with our measurement and training systems for many years.

  • 5 SpeedBox systems in a training hall of the COPA Soccer Training Center. The terminal and the large 65" monitor for the visual display of the beep test are located in the background

    COPA Soccer Training Center

    Walnut Creek / USA


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