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We Know Speed

Since 2010, sports scientists and sports engineers have been working at GlobalSpeed with passion, imagination and expert knowledge on the methodical components of the most varied forms of speed that underlie human movement in sports. The focus of development is on technical innovations that do justice to this complex subject area from the combination of cognitive and motor performance that lead it into a new dimension of training and diagnostics.

this brand is trusted by the sports elite worldwide

Our company has been growing steadily for many years. Users from professional sports, from commercially operated performance and rehabilitation facilities, from universities and from various TV and entertainment events have made a decisive contribution to the further development of the GlobalSpeed brand. Football clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and RB Leipzig as well as national and international training and rehabilitation centers such as the Olympic base in Stuttgart or the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence in Dubai work successfully with our SpeedCourt, SpeedTrack & Co.
Companies such as Adidas, Asics or Brainpool TV underline the professionalism of GlobalSpeed to carry out innovation and precision in the millisecond range at live events with the greatest reliability.
Sports science is also making increasing use of our speed systems and corresponding test procedures in the area of cognition and motor skills. The knowledge gained through various internationally recognized studies and research is of enormous value, not least for our customers and partners. Thanks to the great commitment of the universities, we have matured into the perfect interface between theory and practice.

real inventors always find new solutions

Over the years, our understanding of speed has evolved, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Based on our innovative technology in the SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack, we continuously develop speed systems and methodological concepts as well as numerous new training protocols. In the future, the interaction of cognitive and motor performance factors will continue to be our driving force in a wide range of sports.
Company development curve between 2010 and 2020

company foundation

First SpeedCourt systems at Real Madrid, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and premiere at “Schlag den Raab”

new worlds

First SpeedCourt on ice at EC Red Bull Salzburg


SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack installation at FC Bayern Munich

Loyal partner

First SpeedLab at the newly built FC Bayern Campus, youth training center of the German soccer record champion


First large commercial SpeedLab at the COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek/ USA


Launch of the SpeedPro 2.0 software

With so much success comes imitation. There is no escaping being imitated. We therefore distance ourselves from all impersonators in the fitness and equipment market that unfairly reproduce our ideas, our hardware and our software. This happens over and over again. We can only recommend: Watch out for our trademark, because only where the name GlobalSpeed is depicted is where RealSpeed offers sustainable success.

Frank Eppelmann, GlobalSpeed founder and managing director

Frank Eppelmann

Founder & Managing Director
Sports scientist, sports psychologist, handball A-licence

Owns and manages the company since 2010. He has been developing GlobalSpeed GmbH into an efficient business that produces and distributes state of the art technology and complementary concepts related to speed for the professional sports sector and for commercially used training and rehabilitation centers.

Diplom Ingenieur Armin von Kracht, Head of Technical Department, GlobalSpeed GmbH

Dipl. Ing. Armin von Kracht

Head of Technical Department
Daniel Schweizer, Technical Support, GlobalSpeed GmbH

Daniel Schweizer

Technical Support
Daniel Herzog, Sales & Communication, GlobalSpeed GmbH

Daniel Herzog

Sales & Communication
Nadine Eppelmann, Office Management, GlobalSpeed GmbH

Nadine Eppelmann

Office Management
Marisa Antunes, Office Management, GlobalSpeed GmbH

Marisa Antunes

Office Management


With our network of globally active sales partners, we are there for you at any time and within short distances.
Daniel Lupasc, GlobalSpeed GmbH sales partner - worldwide

Daniel Lupasc

Head of International Relations

Daniel is an integral part of GlobalSpeed for many years. Excellent expertise and networks in sports in his home country Romania and his adopted home UAE as well as throughout many other countries.

satisfied customers

Shanghai, Dubai, Zurich or Munich: You can find GlobalSpeed solutions all over the world. Convince yourself!

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