SpeedPro 2.0 – Start of a new era

The SpeedPro software has formed the basis of all work with the SpeedCourt, SpeedTrack, etc. since the beginning of the company. With a lot of innovation and patience, the SpeedPro 2.0 will appear on the market this year. SpeedPro 2.0 will take your training to a new level with the GlobalSpeed systems.

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Life Fitness – New GlobalSpeed premium partner

With Life Fitness, we have gained a partner who will provide us with significant support in equipping a SpeedLab. Life Fitness has been established on the market for over 45 years and has always evolved as a global player with all the developments in the industry.

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SpeedCourt Allround „Laser-Based“

With this special version of the SpeedCourt, we leave familiar territory. Instead of the contact sensors built into the sports floor, all exercise protocols are recorded with the help of lasers and high-speed cameras.

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