Author: Daniel Herzog

SpeedPro 2.0 – Start of a new era

The SpeedPro software has formed the basis of all work with the SpeedCourt, SpeedTrack, etc. since the beginning of the company. With a lot of innovation and patience, the SpeedPro 2.0 will appear on the market this year. SpeedPro 2.0 will take your training to a new level with the GlobalSpeed systems.

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Speedcourt: The floor that makes athletes faster

Frank Eppelmann developed an interactive sports floor with which top athletes all over the world test and train their speed. The SpeedCourt not only addresses motor skills, but also cognitive abilities. A feature that also helps rehabilitation patients. Manuel Neuer saves every third penalty kick. This may be due to the nerves of the players competing against one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The fact that a penalty kick against him is not a 100% chance of scoring, could also be due...

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