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This brand is trusted by the sports elite

It is not just about speed….

Physical speed alone is not sufficient. You need a good perception, a fast nervous system to also trigger the process and increase speed.

All GlobalSpeed measuring and training systems are based on scientifically sound principles to allow for a sustainable promotion of cognitive and motor performance determinants: For instance, reactive agility, perception, visual speed and reaction.

Independently of the performance level, age or gender that the athlete belongs to or the type of sport, whether soccer, handball or ice hockey, etc., you come from.

Whether you are training at a high performance or recovering after an injury in various rehabilitation phases, we stand for continuous, measurable and sustainable performance improvement. For releasing previously unused capacities and abilities. For experiencing the enormous potential in the interaction of cognitive and motor performance.

That is more than just speed. That is GlobalSpeed.

We Know Speed!

Soccer player dribbles with ball over a SpeedCourt with a grey sports flooring and red sensor surfaces. Player is shown at different times in the course of an exercise sequence on the SpeedCourt, KörperBau Balingen, Germany.

Training & Performance

Athlete is in rehabilitation on the SpeedCourt. The test procedures are supported by biomechanical measuring instruments from Velamed.


Participant in the german TV show “Schlag den Raab“ during a change of direction movement on a SpeedCourt with grey sports flooring and yellow sensor surfaces, Cologne.

Media & Event

SpeedCourt with green sports flooring and grey sensor surfaces installed in the Institute of Sports Science at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, SpeedCourt simulation via video wall.


3D model SpeedLab concept with speed specific GlobalSpeed measuring and training systems as well as other methodical training elements for the holistic development of speed. Designed with artificial turf, equipped with a SpeedCourt, 30m SpeedTrack, two SpeedDMS systems, multi-rack, free weight area and plyo boxes.
3D model SpeedLab concept with speed specific GlobalSpeed measuring and training systems as well as other methodical training elements for the holistic development of speed. Designed with artificial turf, equipped with a SpeedCourt, 30m SpeedTrack, two SpeedDMS systems, multi-rack, free weight area and plyo boxes.


„The whole is more than the sum of its parts“


GlobalSpeed is not only considered as a manufacturer of sports devices. GlobalSpeed is a team of sports scientists, sports engineers, technicians and coaches who plan and implement innovative, state-of-the-art SpeedLab concepts with their own technology and methodology, as well as complementary elements.

You should not only string together individual training devices and functions, but also need to record and improve the entire range of performance of an athlete or patient, you have to look at “the whole” – in the GlobalSpeed SpeedLab.

With the SpeedLab, GlobalSpeed has created a unique and holistic concept to meet these requirements. Through the conceptual connectivity of the GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems, with SpeedCourt as the main element, as well as other GlobalSpeed systems, training tools and methodical education, the SpeedLab can be implemented in the commercial sector as well as in the field of professional sports. No matter the sport football, handball, ice hockey, basketball, etc.


Clients & Professionals

What do GlobalSpeed customers & professionals from sports, science and media say

  • Soccer World Champion and Champions League Winner Philipp Lahm at the SpeedCourt in his annual summer camp in Munich, organized by Philipp Lahm Foundation.

    Philipp Lahm

    Soccer World Champion 2014 / Champions League Winner 2013
    FC Bayern Munich

    “The SpeedCourt is a great opportunity to develop speed at all levels in a goal-oriented and fun way, especially for children and young people.”

  • Portrait photography of Prof. Dr. Holger Broich, scientific director & head of fitness of FC Bayern Munich.

    Prof. Dr. Holger Broich

    Scientific Director & Head of Fitness / FC Bayern Munich

    “The SpeedCourt is an important component in our technology and data concept at Säbener Strasse in performance diagnostics and in the rehabilitation of players after injuries. My players are absolutely open to the innovative possibilities the system provides. The cooperation with GlobalSpeed has been trusting and reliable for years.”

  • Portrait photography of Mike Antoniades, Performance & Rehabilitation director of The Movement & Running School, London.

    Mike Antoniades

    Performance & Rehabilitation Director
    “The Movement & Running School”

    “We have two SpeedCourt in our London Running School which we use with Premiership and Championship professional soccer players, as well as elite and professional athletes from tennis, rugby, hockey and basketball. But we also work with children and recreational athletes. The biggest breakthrough is that with the new generation of SpeedCourt and the software behind it, we can use the system now for rehabilitation of stroke patients, Parkinson’s and people with brain damage, improving their functional movement, cognitive ability, reaction, balance and give them improved quality of life.”

  • Portrait photography of Brandon Farrell, Executive Vice President of the COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek, California at the Performance SpeedCourt in the local SpeedLab.

    Brandon Farrell

    COPA Soccer Training Center, Executive Vice President

    “We are excited to be the first customer for GlobalSpeed in the United States with seven of their training and assessment products in our flagship COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek, CA, the largest and most advanced indoor soccer training center in the U.S. SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack are a major part of our proprietary assessment program and are also some of the more popular training products in our facility with our customers.”

  • Portrait photography of Jens Nowotny, former national player, DFB

    Jens Nowotny

    former national player / DFB

    “SpeedLab is an ingenious holistic technology and methodology concept to train speed and athleticism of players.”

  • Oliver Riedwyl, SFV athletics coach, A national team

    Oliver Riedwyl

    SFV athletics coach / A national team

    “The SpeedCourt does not just develop speed! This measuring and training system also developes complete cognitive processes. Subsequent athletic training on the SpeedCourt motivates the players enormously, as they use a ranking measurement to identify not only their own progress, but also the progress of their teammates. The result is an incredibly beneficial competition within a team. Thanks to athlete-centered and scientific training and movement analyzes, the quality of every player is visibly improved from training session to training session.”

  • Portrait photography of Prof. Dr. habil. Jochen Baumeister, University of Paderborn, Head of Department of Exercise & Health, Head of Department Exercise Science and Neuroscience

    Dr. med. habil. Jochen Baumeister

    University of Paderborn, Head of Department of Exercise & Health, Head of Department Exercise Science and Neuroscience

    “The brain is the center of all movements and is therefore of great importance for sports and health. The SpeedCourt is ideally suited to adequately train the brain, because cognitive and motor components of movement coordination are trained in a common context. The results we have achieved in cooperation with the competitive athletes of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt, in the areas of rehabilitation after sports injuries or also in health sports in the form of e.g. fall “prophylaxis” (fall prevention) for the elderly, not only shows demonstrable effects, but also the wide range of application of this training and testing system.”

Global Player

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Hamburg / Germany

Die Laufprofis

Ochtrup / Germany


Donaustauf / Germany


Salzburg / Austria

FC Red Bull Salzburg /
EC Red Bull Salzburg

Zürich / Switzerland


Göteborg / Sweden

Tanner Speed Academy

Stockholm / Sweden

Coach Nebez Academy

Madrid / Spain

Real Madrid C.F.

Makassar / Indonesia

State University of Makassar

Telki / Hungary

Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség

Balatonboglár / Hungary

Nemzeti Kézilabda Akadémia

Shandong / China

Luneng Taishan F.C. /
Sports Science Research Center

Shanghai / China

Shanghai University of Sport

Seoul / South Korea


London / England

The Movement & Running School™

Dublin / Ireland

explorium – National Sport & Science Centre

Dubai / UAE

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Walnut Creek / USA

Copa Soccer Training Center

Luxemburg / Luxembourg

d’Coque – Centre National Sportif et Culturel

Clermont-Ferrand / France

ASM Clermont Auvergne

Minsk / Belarus

BNTU – Belarusian National Technical University

Belek / Turkey

Gloria Sports Arena

Ankara / Turkey

Ankara Eryaman Olympic Training Center

Aşgabat / Turkmenistan

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